We're now hosted at Github.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rebuilding the belenix website and online presence. As we figure out our mailing groups, set up a mediawiki based website, etc, we'll keep this page updated.

Meanwhile, you can track our project planning and progress.

Twitter: @belenix

Email: sriram at belenix dot org

Website source code at github

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After several years of serving the opensolaris community, genunix.org has been retired.
We are very grateful to Al Hopper for all the support that he has provided to the overall opensolaris community over the years via genunix.org. Al continues to support the Belenix project by way of technical advice, for which the Belenix community is grateful.

We also want to thank Michael Kosarev, a member of the Belenix community, who had earlier donated hardware for the Belenix project.

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